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New Guest Information

Friendly Reminder

Please book in advance at least 12 hours prior to appointment time – Walk-ins are not available

We only take one booking at a time – The private space is exclusively available to you(solo) or yourself and your friend/partner(max 2 people total). We have one massage room for couple and single bookings. The room can be divided by a privacy curtain if needed

If you know you are sensitive to outside noises then we encourage you to book between 11am-3pm weekdays or weekends (see opening hours) for the quietest visiting hours

We have business’ next door, including a personal training gym (A Tiny Studio) functioning early mornings, late afternoons, and evenings. They have a right to make some noise and we respect them

Rebates for Remedial Therapy currently unavailable

We endeavor to regularly clean and wipe down door handles, chairs, walk-way areas, entire massage rooms

All staff are educated on sensible hygiene etiquette to ensure we do not bring any bacteria into the environment

Every client has freshly cleaned sheets and refreshed air flow

We practice the safest government standard for hand washing


Please book in advance. We will not be taking walk-in treatment.

We only take one booking at a time – yourself(solo) or yourself and your friend/partner(max 2people total). Our priority is guest’s health and privacy.

Prior to your appointment, please advise us if you are pregnant, have any health issues or if you have a preference for Male/Female therapist.

Facials will only be provided by our female beauty therapist. Remedial therapy will only be provided by our male remedial therapist.

  • Request for Female Therapists & Facial Treatments : 10am – 4:30pm on weekdays, anytime on weekends.
  • Request for Remedial Therapy – Only available for solo session : 1:30pm – 7pm on weekdays, anytime on weekends.
  • Request for couple bookings : 1:30pm – 4:30pm weekdays, anytime on weekends
  • Weekend Appointments(Sat &Sun) can be scheduled via request – online booking is not available for weekend. Please feel free to contact us via TEXT 0450 962 899 or email at  [email protected] for further inquiries or to book an appointment. We will do our best to help answer them for you.

Preparing for your Treatment


We request all visitors to have at least a 1 hour gap between eating and having massage.
Please come well hydrated. However, we do offer free drinking water at reception.
Using the bathroom prior to treatment is recommended. However an inside toilet can be used before and after your treatments if needed.


For ladies, no preparation is necessary. Simply arrive at Mint ‘n Co and enjoy!
For men’s facials, we recommend cleanly shaven or well kept beard for maximum comfort and benefit to the skin.

We do not have shower facilities.

Arrival time

New guests

To make the most of your therapy, please arrive 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Returning guests

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment.

Late Arrivals

In the event that you are running late, we will endeavour to conduct your full treatment. However, your treatment may need to be shortened should there be another booking immediately afterwards.


Please communicate with us. Respect our time and services.
We request if you are unable to keep your appointment that you give us a courtesy text or email with at least 24-48 (read following) hours prior notice.
Within 24 hours prior cancellation on weekdays (Mon-Fri);
within 48 hours prior cancellation on weekends (Sat-Sun, includes Public Holiday) notice will incur a 50% of treatment cost penalty. Invoice will be issued.
A “no show” (Failure to notify and not show up within 15minutes of the appointment time) will incur a 100% of treatment cost penalty. Invoice will be issued.

This applies to all Gift Vouchers. Redemption value will be reduced to 50% or voided in accordance to the above.

Eco-friendly Environment

We here at Mint ‘n Co Massage believe in a friendly and clean environment for all individuals. We kindly request that upon arriving at Mint ‘n Co Massage that you cleanse your body/clothes of tobacco/cigarette odours prior to entering. Smoking outside the doors is also not prohibited.

Parking Options

Our Parking: We will send a confirmation message to enquire if you need a parking spot. We can provide a free spot for your appointment at the Glebe Park Residences. An allotted time will be arranged for your parking to ensure you get a spot. This is a great way to save money and make sure you arrive on time and can leave confidently.

Residential parking area
Guest parking is outside.
If parking is required. Then guests will be allocated a parking space. The space will have a designated number written on the road and a yellow bollard/barrier located toward the middle.
In the email from Parkable please find your parking bay number. Drive in slowly forwards to push down barrier.
The underground parking is not available.

Outside parking bay numbers between 1-29 will be assigned and mentioned prior to appointment if requested.

Other Parking Options

Wilson Parking (33 Allara St),

The National Convention Centre car park (31 Constitution Ave),

15 Coranderrk St Parking (next to Canberra Olympic Pool),

or short walk from Canberra Centre car park through Glebe Park. (7 minutes).


Upon arrival at Mint ‘n Co, the therapist will provide a brief consultation form to be carefully filled out. Then at the beginning of your appointment the therapist will ask a few questions to determine your preferences for the treatment. This is typically done during our complimentary foot bath.

Minimum Treatment Age

If you would like your child to attend an appointment here at Mint ‘n Co. Massage, please refer to the below age minimums eligible for treatments.

Age 18+ all treatments

Age 15-17 only facials & clothes-on massage

Your Comfort

Although we do our best to anticipate your needs, we appreciate that everyone’s massage is a very individual experience.
Please let your therapist know if there is any way that they can improve your treatment or comfort – for example, heavier or lighter massage pressure, an extra towel, adjusting the sound or lighting levels. If you have discomfort in lifting yourself from a prone position ask for help.

Mobile phone policy

To preserve harmony within the environment. Kindly turn off/silence your mobile phone/s on arrival.