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Face Massage

Smoothes, densifies and regenerates with a melt-away tablet of plant extracts and essential oils.
(Densifies to address wrinkles and sign of ageing).
Reduce the tension all around the skin to create a glowing complexion.

Atama & Kao (あたま&かお)
Dry Head & Face Massage

Great for relieving stress, migraines and tension in our everyday lives. This treatment involves facial pressure points (Kao Tsubo) and relaxing scalp massage. Stimulates the flow of blood, lymph and oxygen in your brain, neck and facial muscles. May help to clear sinuses, relieve stress and improve quality of sleep.

*This is 30min Add-on Treatment.

*”90min Raku, Full Body & Head” includes this treatment. It’s very popular!

Session Time30min
Prices$50 Add-on
($60 if booked by itself)

Irotsuya (色艶、いろつや)- Complexion Cure
Oil Face & Shoulders Massage

Irotsuya (色艶、いろつや) Our very own exclusive treatment, only available at Mint ‘n Co. Massage!

The perfect treatment for people feeling the strain of technology, daily. You can look and feel confident in your everyday complexion and online conferences. This technique utilizes facial specific massage oil (Subtle Energy’s Facial Blend Oil) that moisturizes and purifies your skin. The massage techniques are a combination of Japanese and Swedish massage that will help improve your skin’s elasticity to look firmer and flusher, brighten the skin to have a subtle glow, drain excess fluids around your eyes, nose, and cheeks, relax your jaw tension and eye strains. We also include treatment for the neck, upper chest, shoulders, arms, and hands. Brightening your entire portrait, softening your hands & fingers, soothing your skin, and helping pull away loose, marked, or overstretched areas. Feel lighter as you breathe with our Complexion Cure.

*Keep your beards, we can work through or around the mane to each individual preference
*We request you do not wear makeup or jewellery for this treatment

Session Time60min30min Add-on