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Remedial Therapy

Assessment based therapy focusing on treating specific injuries and rehabilitation and postural/activity correction.
Achieve mobility & fitness goals.
Become educated about your body and enhance your daily life.



Remedial Therapy (Exercise & Posture Correction + Pre/Rehabilitation therapy)

Remedial Therapy is an assessment based therapy involving a range of techniques (MFR, Lymphatic Drainage, Triggerpoint Therapy, PNF, Sports massage) and exercise instruction focusing on treating specific injuries, repairing damage, rehabilitation, injury prevention from a holistic perspective. Can help to achieve mobility goals & fitness goals. Become educated about your body and how to enhance your daily life by regularly utilizing well-instructed exercises and stretches.
*First initial appointment is 75min

Session Time75min -Initial 60min – Follow up90min – Follow up

Manual Lymphatic Drainage

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD) utilizes a very gentle flowing technique on dry skin to mobilize lymph tissue and help guide it towards lymph nodes to be drained. The treatment will help with removal of excess lymphatic fluid in the body and accelerate your waste removal systems to help flush your body of unwanted toxins.
If suffering from lymphedema or acute swelling of a limb/part of the body, then MLD may be a great way to maintain or potentially heal the affected area.

*This treatment can be performed all over the body or focused for a particular affected area.

*This treatment is dry; no oil will be used and direct contact to skin is necessary.

Session Time45min – Initial60min – Follow up